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  • Comprehensive Hearing Evaluations

  • Tinnitus Evaluations and Consultations

  • Accepts Most Health Insurance

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It’s not unusual for Drs. Lisa Fell and Kristin Robbins to conduct a hearing evaluation on a patient, only after their spouse or employer has insisted upon it. “Others prolong the need for evaluation and endure daily life feeling that everyone mumbles or that family life and social gatherings aren’t enjoyable anymore, never making the connection between these feelings and hearing loss.”

The truth is that a loss of hearing isn’t just a condition of aging or for those who enjoyed too much loud music in their youth. “Hearing loss occurs much younger than the general public tends to realize,” Dr. Robbins said. “And if it goes untreated, it can negatively impact daily communication and cognitive function and can lead to isolation and depression.”

It’s for that reason, audiologists Drs. Robbins and Fell devote themselves to providing thorough assessment, accurate diagnosis, and appropriate management of hearing loss for their patients. As Doctors of Audiology, they offer immediate solutions for better and easier communication, after the hearing has been evaluated. If the results indicate hearing loss may be caused by a medical problem, they refer the patient for medical intervention. “But for a majority of the patients we see, hearing loss is not something medicine or surgery can improve,” Dr. Fell said.

Over the past two decades, Drs. Robbins and Fell have witnessed hundreds of success stories. “Unfortunately, some people don’t address their hearing loss because of affordability, false information, or too much confusion in advertising,” Dr. Robbins said. “That’s why we take the time to listen to each patient and explain to them and their loved one, their unique diagnosis, and how it can best be helped.”

“There’s no cookie-cutter recipe, when it comes to hearing loss,” said Dr.​ ​Fell. “Each person needs something different. It’s our job to evaluate their condition and make the appropriate recommendations for delivering the best success—and happiest hearing aid wearers.”

In our modern world, there’s increased opportunity for ear-damaging elements such as medication, loud music through earbuds, environmental noise, and disease. To prevent hearing loss, Drs. Fell and Robbins recommend turning down the volume, minimizing exposure to loud noise and wearing hearing protection. “And if hearing loss is suspected, get tested,” Dr. Robbins said. “If hearing instruments are recommended, then just do it.”

“Don’t take for granted the position you have in your life and with the people around you,” Dr. Fell said. “Untreated hearing loss can strain relationships, hinder your confidence, and make day-to-day living more stressful than it needs to be.” Visit to find out more.

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